The new online coaching package is an all encompassing program. 

Every week from day 1 measurements and pictures are done and then every week after. Scales being optional. 

Food Tracking is done through whatsapp. This entails sending on a snap of everything you eat. This is for accountability.

I provide a nutrition guideline for you before we start and also a brief video on how weight(fat) loss happens. 

I provide home workouts and tutorials which can be adapted for individuals of every fitness level. I also provide indivdualised gym programs with tutorial videos on all lifts. Done through email and whatsapp. 

There is a point of contact with myself, everyday, for you if you have any questions regarding the program or nutrition. 

The program is 6 weeks long. 

The cost of the package is €84.99. 

Payment is possible through PayPal or bank transfer. 

If you have any questions on any part of it please let me know.